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Photography: Manuel Harlan


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Sat 30 Sep – Sat 21 Oct 2023


Production manager Ian Taylor is returning to the Crucible Theatre for his second production for Sheffield Theatres. The Hypochondriac is a play about a self-obsessed man who is fixated on his health; wealthy Argan spends his time and money on frequent visits to the family physician.

With medical bills piling up, Argan believes he has found the perfect solution to his problem. But with an exasperated household growing tired of his antics, Argan’s time may be better spent addressing what is real rather than worrying about what is imagined.

A witty satire punctuated with music and dance, this adaptation of Molière’s masterpiece proves that laughter really is the best form of medicine.

Adapted By Roger Mcgough
Director Sarah Tipple
Designer Colin Richmond
Lighting Designer Johanna Town
Composer Oliver Birch
Sound Designer Ella Wahlström


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