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Production Managers & Staff

As a team of industry professionals, we are led daily by our company directors and production managers. Our non-executive directors and affiliates are experienced and valued members of the theatre industry that have worked with eStage closely over the years helping to deliver our projects as well as being able to help shape our business.

Ian Taylor
Managing Director & Production Manager

Ian is responsible for the full spectrum of eStage projects and services and works with his fellow directors to ensure that eStage keeps running day in and day out.

Pete Rickards
Production Director &
Production Manager

Pete is an experienced Production Manager and Technical Consultant within the performing arts industries.

Ruth Burgon
Production Coordinator

Ruth is the production coordinator working with the eStage directors and production managers to ensure the smooth running of our operations and productions.

Dan Gosselin
Devlopment Director

Dan leads as a non-executive director on guiding eStage strategy and building new relationships and programmes to make the industry more inclusive, diverse, and fair.

Joe Berry
Digital Director & Technician

Joe Berry is a freelance theatre technician for concert and theatre, with a passion for website development and the technologies which surround it.

Tabitha Piggott
Production Manager

Tabitha Piggott is a production manager for theatre and opera, with a particular passion for new writing.

Jerome Reid
Production Manager

Jerome is a Production and Technical Manager who started on the eStage development program.

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