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Freelance Work Alerts

We are always looking for freelancers to work on projects and productions with us; we are also asked a lot if we know of people who are free for other non-eStage projects.

Looking for work?

We have created two individual systems to help us connect with freelancers for work and support our colleagues find talented new freelancers to employ.

Work Alerts

These are sent out on our "WhatsApp Business" group; members of the group are not able to send messages and need to reply directly to callouts; all messages will be removed automatically after seven days. You can join the group using the button below, or you can request an alert to be sent out using the form to the right.

Freelancers Database

We also maintain an internal database of Freelancers and their details for work on eStage projects. You can submit your details and CV to our database by completing the form using the button below.

If you have any questions about either system, please do not hesitate to contact We will be happy to help or hear your thoughts and feedback. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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