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Photography: Mark Sepple


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26th Oct - 11th Nov 2023


The Autumn of Terror. 1888. When five women are brutally slaughtered in the slum warrens of Whitechapel, the world’s biggest manhunt begins, and a legend is born. Jack the Ripper.

Halloween. 2023. Best mates Jules and Maz are dressed to kill and ready for fun. But on the night of the dead, a shattering event occurs, and something awakens in the old bones of Whitechapel. Something dark, something restless…

Killing Jack, a newly commissioned play from Sadie Hasler (Stiletto Beach, Misfits), is a darkly thrilling plunge into a world where women return to take back their stories, perhaps even to exact their own bloody revenge…

Writer | Sadie Hasler
Director | Caroline Leslie
Set & Costume Designer | Dora Schweitzer
Lighting Designer | Stephen Pemble
Sound Designer | Steve Mayo

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