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Lets Get Ready: The Half Podcast

Today we’re excited to be able to say our own Development Director, Dan, will be appearing on this week's The Half podcast to talk about production management, getting ready to restart the industry, and what we think will be needed to get there. We’re proud to be supporting this new podcast to showcase the different parts of the industry and how they are responding to the current crisis.

The Half has been started by one of the many freelancers we have worked with in the past, Phil Glenny, and his pal Liam Murphy.

We love to talk with colleagues about the industry and making things better. We’ll update this post with more after the podcast to further discuss the things we chat about.


The Half is a new live podcast for the theatre industry, born as the UK lockdown went into lockdown. It is the creative outlet for two friends, Phil Glenny and Liam Murphy, who wanted to find a way for people to connect and share some positive thoughts during this challenging time. Each week they talk to a different guest about their life and career.

During the live show, they encourage the listeners to participate in the discussion and feed questions back to the guests. It’s a chance to learn more about each other, try to make sense of what’s happening around us and think collectively about the way ahead.

The Half broadcasts live on Facebook every Friday evening at 18:55, available afterwards on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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