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Joe Berry

Digital Director

Joe Berry

Digital Director

Joe Berry is a freelance theatre technician for concert and theatre, with a passion for website development and the technologies which surround it.

At a young age, Joe was introduced to the world of website development and hosting technologies when forming an interest in creating a unique “fan-site” for a popular online, world-renowned game. Aiming to exercise new avenues of innovation away from the typical social media based fan-site page, Joe created websites which included live online radio stations, real-time character-based image generators (similar to Bitmoji in modern days) and even started to create his own version of the game.

The success of these websites enabled him to sell website hosting services, chatroom servers, online radio streaming services and more whilst owning his own dedicated servers at the age of 12.

A few years later, after finding himself working with local amateur dramatic companies, Joe entered further education to study Production Arts and received a final grade of: “Distinction*, Distinction*, Distinction” for his work during this time. Shortly after, he was given a job at the facility and continued to further his career by working at several theatres in the Manchester area, touring with musicians/bands and doing the festival circuit.

Joe first had involvement at eStage in 2016, when he met the directors on a job he was doing in a nearby theatre. After several conversations, he was offered an opportunity to work with eStage by providing technical support and website updates to the digital clients and months later received another short-term contract to work with eStage as an Assistant Production Manager.

After 2 years at eStage, Joe became an integral part of the day-to-day running of the business and at subsequent directors meeting, his request to become a director of the company was honoured.

Joe is able to use his experience of working in the industry and combine it with his knowledge of digital design to leverage himself when dealing with our design clients.

By combining the two, Joe is able to communicate more efficiently with our clients, anticipate their requirements in advance, and get good results with a fast turnaround. Whilst maintaining websites for new & existing clients at eStage, Joe is always interested in developing new, exciting projects which help further the potential of our industry.

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