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Stage Data

Stage Data is a project we started to create, develop, expand and maintain a database of useful information for people working in the entertainment industry.

What is Stage Data?

We have realised over the years that one of the key challenges across the industry is getting access to up-to-date, relevant, and useful data for venues, suppliers, and associations. 

stage data is our way of trying to change that. It is a site dedicated to providing the industry with as much theatre data as possible, from venue sizes, through suppliers and to relevant associations, all for free

eStage is working with people, venues, and organisations across the industry to keep the data we provide as up to date and work with people and venues across the industry to do this.

What is the Goal of Stage Data?

We want Stage Data to be a one-stop shop for data across the theatre industry, a trusted and reliable source of venue information, and suppliers, that enables people across the industry to more easily access and assess this information.

We want Stage Data to work with venues, suppliers, and other businesses across the industry to ensure that we can make their lives easier by providing them with one place to host their data, that can be referred back to time and time again.

We want Stage Data to present all this information to make it as easy as possible to understand, modify, and use. We want you to easily be able to see where all the one hundred seat venues are across the UK, or to plot a driving plan between them.

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