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Wed 8th Feb - Sat 11 Mar 2023


Winner's Curse is a brand-new show that combines humor and audience interaction to take audiences behind the scenes of a high stakes international peace talk between two countries locked in battle over a strip of land. When a fragile ceasefire provides a chance for peace, cynical diplomats, idealistic peacemakers, and meddling mediators try to navigate a perilous path to agreement as the threat of continued conflict looms ever larger. Helmed by presenter Clive Anderson and written by experienced diplomat Daniel Taub (former ambassador and Middle East peace negotiator) and comedy writer/producer Dan Patterson (Mock the Week, Whose Line is it Anyway, The Duck House), the show offers an insightful and comedic look into the world of international diplomacy and peace negotiations.

Writers | Daniel Taub and Dan Patterson
Director | Jez Bond
Set & Costume Designer | Isobel Nicolson
Costume Supervisor | Stephanie Greenslade
Lighting Designer | Sherry Coenen
Composer & Sound Designer | Sophie Cotton

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