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Photography: Pamela Raith


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01 September - 1 October 2016


Book by Jack Heifner, music and lyrics by David Kirshenbaum
Matt Chisling and Amy Anzel in association with Aria Entertainment and Anita Creed Productions

Cheerleaders, high school musicals and listening to a Texan drawl are not on my list of favourites. This show has all of them, but I loved it, so you’d better believe me when I call it a high-spirited delight.

Its book is based on Jack Heifner’s extremely successful 1970s play of the same title (though it’s never been seen here) but this musical version seems to explore its subject further.

It starts in 1963 in Texas with three high school best friends in the cheerleader team and gives glimpses of their lives at intervals to show what happens to their personal American Dreams.

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