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Fri 17 Nov – Sun 31 Dec 2023


One day Mouse is gobbled up by a wolf. ‘Oh woe,' says Mouse, who fears this must be the end. But he quickly discovers he is not alone… Duck is also there, taking a nap. As it turns out, it’s pretty nice living inside the belly of the beast with a new friend. There’s delicious food, dancing and – better still – no more fear of being eaten!

Meanwhile, outside in the forest, things aren’t quite as rosy for Wolf, whom a hunter is stalking. Realising their fates are intertwined, Duck and Mouse hatch a winning plan…

Directed by the Unicorn Theatre's Artistic Director, Rachel Bagshaw, this deliciously dark and hilariously funny fable delights in the notion that friendship can sometimes be found in the darkest and most unusual of places.

Directed by Rachel Bagshaw
Design by Male Arcucci
Lighting Design by Catja Hamilton
Sound Design by Jack Baxter

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