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12th April - 15th Apr 2023


eStage returned to Birmingham, this time to the Crescent Theatre for the Barber Opera production of Alessandro Stradella's 1678 opera La Forza dell'amor paterno (The Power of Paternal Love), returning to the stage for the first time in centuries. The story explores the selflessness of paternal love as a father must decide whether to sacrifice his marital relationship for the benefit of his besotted son or to prioritize his happiness. The opera delves into the themes of unrequited love, pure desperation, comedy, and gossip as the audience is drawn into the path of Cupid's dart.

This production of La Forza dell'amor paterno was a rare opportunity to witness a 17th-century opera and experience the grandeur and emotion of baroque opera. eStage was delighted to work again with designer Anna Reid to create a modern art gallery setting for this production, along with a koi pond and living plant wall. Working with Steeldeck Rental to create the main structure and Center Line Fabrication for the main scenic construction.

Director | Christopher Cowell
Set & Costume Designer | Anna Reid
Lighting Designer | Matthew Cater
Conductor | Andrew Kirkman

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