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Photography: Pamela Raith


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27th Jul - 21st Oct 2023


So they’ve both swiped right. Now they’re meeting for the first time. Facing each other. As if that’s a normal thing to do.

But she’s being uncomfortable, and he’s a total bore. The vibe is horrific, and the banter is even worse. But something is keeping them in their seats. Something is making them stay.

With acid wit, Miriam Battye’s new play takes a scalpel to modern romance, interrogating what we really talk about when we talk about love.

Writer | Miriam Battye

Director | Katie Posner

Set & Costume Designer | Rhys Jarman

Lighting Designer | Rajiv Pattani

Sound Designer | Beth Duke

Movement Designer | Gabrielle Nimo

Intimacy Designer | Robbie Taylor Hunt

Dramaturg | Gillian Greer

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