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Photography: Charles Flint


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13th Sep - 30th Sep 2023


Riva Theatre and The Playwright’s Laboratory, in association with Park Theatre, present Sorry We Didn't Die at Sea.

It’s the near future, and Europe has failed. A domino effect of nationalist, isolationist policies has left the continent’s economies on the brink of collapse, and citizens of the countries who closed their borders to immigrants are forced to flee across the seas.

In a claustrophobic shipping container, three unnamed travellers place their lives at the mercy of a mysterious people-smuggler. Forced to exist on the brink between civility and chaos, they pray that they will reach their destination. And yet, there are natural - and human - forces at work which are far beyond their control.

Writer | Emanuele Aldrovandi
Translator | Marco Young
Director | Daniel Emery
Set & Costume Designer | Alys Whitehead
Lighting Designer | Catja Hamilton
Sound Designer & Creative Associate | Jamie Lu
Producer | Katharine Farmer

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