working together we can make things better, and make better things

mental health and well-being.

being a freelancer is hard, and you often struggle to get the same support as people in full-time work. we are keen to work with our collective and clients to identify the ways in which we can improve the support for freelancers to make them more well.


Where did this come from?

We have been working in the industry for years and we have come to understand the pressures that theatre can exert on freelancers. Having been through the same stresses as others we want to see what we can do with our collective to improve well being across the industry.

What are we doing?

We are just starting to work out what we can do to support this and starting to identify partners in academia and across the industry that can help us drive change. We provide support for all those that work for us and encourage people to talk when things are too much. But we want to go further, we are considering how we can improve contracts to provide more security, and how we can work to make sure the workload is never too much, and is flexible to the individual. This is a work in progress – but if you want to help please get in contact.


The Theatre Helpline

0800 915 4617

The Theatre Helpline is a free, independent and confidential phone and email service that provides support to people working in the theatre industry.