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Photography: Mark Holthusen


Project Details

2013 - 2019


Since 2013 eStage has supported London Youth Opera (Formaly W11 Opera), an opera company for young people aged 9-18 years, with production management, scenic construction and stage management.

Founded over 50 years ago, London Youth Opera (Formaly W11 Opera) now have participants from across many of the London Boroughs performing in a yearly.

eStage transform this venue to house nearly 100 performers and a live band for a week of performances. Over the past ten years, we have worked on the following productions.

The Fizz (2013)
Deep Waters (2014)
Eliza and the Swans (2015)
The Price (2016)
The Cutlass Crew (2017)
Shadow Tracks (2018)
Ever Young (2019)
Pandora's Box (2023)