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14 April 2023 - 13th May 2023


FRAGMENTS is a play that follows the story of three papyrologists who are studying some tattered fragments of papyrus that are two thousand years old. They believe that these fragments could be the remnants of a lost masterpiece. The Muse, Daughter of Memory, brings these shadowy lines to life as the play explores the myth of Aeyptus, a boy who is brought up to avenge his murdered father and brothers. The audience will be taken on a journey to piece together Aeyptus's story and reflect on the fragments of their own lives - memories, conjectures, and things half-heard. The play is inspired by the one surviving scene and scattered bits of text from an otherwise lost play by Euripides and is an inventive, exhilarating adventure to the spaces in between.

Co Writer | Laura Swift
Director | Russell Bender
Puppetry Director | Jess Mabel Jones
Set & Costume Designer | Lucy Sierra
Lighting Designer | Sherry Coenen
Sound Designer & Composer | Jon McLeod

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