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28th Mar 2023 - 13 May 2023


Ace, a 22-year-old trans and queer individual, is currently sofa surfing, but just for now. They've just secured sofa number 13, but maintaining a place to stay requires them to act small, smiling, and polite. However, as no one is perfect, Ace eventually messes up, which would be easier for them if they weren't also unexpectedly growing fluffy ears and a tiny tail. It turns out that people pleasing has a price, and the only place left for Ace to go is to embrace their true self and find acceptance in the queer community. A celebration of queer community, the play is full of heart, youth, and pan pipes.

Cardboard Citizens creates theatre with, for and about citizens with lived experience of poverty, inequity and homelessness. We use theatre, art and training to empower individuals to make change in their own lives, and in their communities.

Writers | Vinnie Heaven
Director | Debbie Hannan
Set and Costume Designer | Jacob Lucy
Lighting Designer | Laura Howard
Sound Designer | Mwen

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