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Our development programmes.

we are keen to find ways to encourage people into the industry through practical development in the real world. our development programmes allow our hand-picked associates to get experience whilst still having the guidance and support of our affiliates and directors. if you are interested in any of our programmes - get in contact!

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Production Manager Development Scheme

We are in a unique position here at eStage to develop production managers in real-world situations. We offer our Production Management Associates guaranteed assisting on a production, as well as at least one production of their own under supervision from one of our fellow production managers.  This scheme offers a unique opportunity to develop new production managers that while building real world experience and gaining credits, as well as benefiting from the combined years of experience within our team.

Current Managers.

Chris Ashenden

Assistant Production Manager

Chris, the newest affiliate of eStage, is a part of the brand new ‘production management development program’ in which he will draw from his seven years of experience working within the theatre and event industry.