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7 February - 26 March 2022


Creating a tennis champion costs a lot; it requires time, dedication and, most importantly, cash. Nina and Ade decide early on that their daughter is worth the investment. Imagine the return - prize money, world travel, endorsements and maybe their own tennis academy. Hell-bent on their child becoming Britain’s number 1, the pair are willing to sacrifice just about anything. If you want to reach the top spot in the game of tennis, love means nothing…

Oli Forsyth’s breakthrough play "Cash Cow" is a blistering exploration of blind, parental ambition and the consequences of tough love.

Katie Pesskin directs her first production at Hampstead following her associate directing credits on the Main Stage with plays such as JudeI and You and Uncle Vanya.

Starring Jonathan Livingstone as Ade and Phoebe Pryce as Nina.

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