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Wed 4 Sep - Sat 5 Oct 2024


Once a beloved high school teacher, Tom Hodges's world shatters after he is accused of a terrible crime. When he returns from prison, long-buried scars resurface, putting the bonds of marriage and loyalty to the ultimate test. In this deeply moving exploration of love, trust, truth and lies, Tom’s family and friends are forced to confront profound questions about themselves and one another.

His wife Leigh never thought she'd be ‘one of those women’. But she finds herself standing by her man who has never wavered from his claim of innocence. Each new revelation pushes her to re-examine their entire life as she struggles to remain present for their son Nicholas who can't escape the relentless bullying on social media. 23.5 Hours delves into the harrowing aftermath of a conviction and the far-reaching impacts it imposes on both family and community. This delicately balanced, beautifully nuanced new family drama digs deep beneath the surface of a happy suburban existence to explore the collateral damages of our actions.

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