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Our People.

we are a collective of freelance theatre professionals lead at its core by our company Directors, Affiliates, and Associates. From production managers to website designers we are able to put together creative and technical and management teams to suit any project. we are always looking for new talent and to expand our team, if you are interested in working with us please get in contact.


Ian Taylor

Managing Director

Ian is responsible for the full spectrum of eStage projects and services and works with his fellow directors to ensure that eStage keeps running day in and day out. Ian leads on our production services and acts as the key point of contact for our production clients. Ian works with fellow directors to identify new affiliate and associate members.


Development Director

Dan is responsible for the development of eStage by leading business strategy and new service integration. Dan oversees the delivery of our projects whilst scoping new services these could lead to and working to deliver them with members and directors alike. As a production manager, he also supports Ian with the delivery of our production services.

Joe Berry

Digital Director

Working closely with Dan and Ian, Joe works to identify and deliver new digital services that can support the theatre industry whilst helping to shape the direction and scope of eStage and its projects with his technical knowledge. As the primary contact for our digital projects, Joe continually develops websites with both new and existing clients.


Affiliates are tried and tested members of the theatre industry that have worked with eStage closely over the years and meet our yellow standard. Our affiliates work with us to deliver our projects as well as being able to help shape the business, and getting access to our tools and projects.

Affiliates are associated with one (or more) disciplines, at the moment we are focused on management and digital, however we are keen to expand and develop into more disciplines.

Marco Savo

Production Manager

Dannie Maclennan

Website Designer

Scott Handley

Production Manager

Scott is a freelance Production Manager who was worked with eStage on numerous productions and projects over the years leading teams.

Nick Aldrich

Construction Manager

Nick has worked as Constructor/Stage Technician for a wide variety of scales of theatres in both full time and freelance roles.


Associates are people who have successfully completed one of our development programmes, or someone who is new to our collective. Associates are brought in by discipline with the goal that they will become affiliates in time. 


Meet the production managers on our Devlopment Program here