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Our Roadmap for Change

What is The Roadmap?

Our roadmap sets out the different strands of work we see in changing the production industry for the better and improving things for all those who working in it. These strands will develop and shift as we look at how we deliver our goals into all the work we do.

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  • Creating New Standards in Mental Health & Wellbeing »
  • A New Approach to Freelancing »

Why Now? Why eStage?

At eStage we want to be at the forefront of driving change across the industry. We believe that we must use our unique position in the industry to be a leader for the industry, working with exciting and dynamic partners that want to lead with us. We may mistakes, we will need to adapt, but we always want to be pushing forward.

We truly believe in this change because we know working together we can make things better, and make better things. we haven’t always done things the best we can but we want to change, and we want to try and work with the industry to deliver this in a new context.

The Arts faces an unprecedented situation, with venues closed indefinitely, artistic works stalling, and funding drying up. the industry will survive, however now is the time we need to think about how we can do things differently, not just because we have to, but because we should.

Dan – Development Director

Improving Diversity Behind the Stage

Diversity behind the stage, particularly in mid-scale productions, is traditionally pretty minimal.

We are very aware as a company with a fully white and male collection of directors we too can do better, and we want to take a number of proactive steps to improve the diversity behind the stage on productions we work on.

This will be a concerted effort with our clients, and a number of new partners to deliver a backstage that looks more like the world around it, inclusive of race, class, and disability.

Our Goals
  • To support the building of a diverse workforce behind the stage that reflects the area that surrounds it.
  • To understand the barriers in place that prevent diversity behind the stage and to provide effective and positive interventions and tools that enable the diversity to be improved.
  • To better understand the diversity of our own workforce and to share and discuss this to understand how it can be improved
  • To work with new partners and existing clients in order to hold us accountable for the delivery of these goals, and to support us in doing so
Our Actions
  • We will implement diversity monitoring across all the people we work with on a rolling basis
  • We will join Stage Sight and work closely with them on the plans and interventions we are to put in place
  • We will ensure our training and development programmes are delivered in a way to build diversity and will put measures in place to ensure they support a more diverse pipeline into the industry
  • We will work to deliver training into local schools to showcase the roles behind the stage and to discuss the routes into the industry.

We remain committed to identifying further ways to undertake more actions to help us achieve our goals, and to partner with different organisations and clients to deliver real interventions across the industry.

Our Partners


Stage Sight’s vision is to create an off stage workforce that is more reflective of our society today, inclusive of ethnicity, class and disability.

These roles can be anything from stage management to theatre technicians to members of the creative team. Stage Sight showcases good practice and success in this area. We are a collaborative network that is open to everyone and free to join.

We ask members to commit to making a practical change and to share their progress and learning.

Creating New Standards in Mental Health & Wellbeing

Theatre can be incredibly demanding on those who work in the industry, as the scale of productions grow the quality of the support provided to everyone working on those productions can reduce significantly.

We all recognise it and it is vastly important to us that we do what we can to look after our team, the people that work with our team, and the creatives we work with.

We want to make sure we can do our best to prevent it happening, to help provide support when it happens, and how to learn from it to try and stop it happening again.

Our Goals
  • To create bold new standards to improve the mental health and wellbeing of those who work behind the scenes in theatre and to implement them across our work.
  • To better prevent mental health and wellbeing issues before they become a problem through detailed considerations for things like scheduling, equipment, and responsibility management.
  • To be better prepared to respond to mental health and wellbeing issues when they arise, and also to make sure we take the time to review and learn.
  • To work with new partners to understand the repeating issues in the industry and to work with our clients to show them the impact these issues can have on staff
Our Actions
  • We will write a new mental health and wellbeing policy to be implemented across our productions, developing this in consultation with our clients.
  • We will provide new training to the existing eStage team to show how we can build better working environments, and how we can support each other better.
  • We will create clear reporting systems for all those who work with eStage for them to report issues in real time.
  • We will work directly with clients to understand where we can go further with our mental health and wellbeing interventions and trial new ideas to make things better.
  • We will implement new Mental Health First Aid training for all our production managers
  • We will set up new review processes for when mental health or wellbeing issues arise just like we would with traditional accidents and near misses.

We remain committed to finding new partners in this space who can help us go further and faster.

A New Approach to Freelancing

This crisis has shown the issues that are inherent in freelancing in the industry, particularly to people in early stage careers.

At eStage we want to find a new way of freelancing in the industry, focusing initially on production managers, but with considerations that we could expand this over time to other areas.

The goal is to provide the freelance flexibility, whilst offering the benefits of full time work through stability and support.

Our Goals
  • To use our diverse client base and trusted position in the industry to take on more work, providing production management services to a growing number of venues and companies.
  • To provide improved tools and systems to production managers that makes their lives easier and helps them to balance their workload.
  • To work towards being able to offer more flexible but formalised employment opportunities to production managers in a way that allows for guaranteed hours and pay.
  • To ultimately build a diverse workforce that matches our diverse client base, that guarantees standards for our staff, alongside security and stability, whilst still offering freelance flexibility.
Our Actions

In this new approach to freelancing, we know we are entering into a complex and ambitious new direction for the theatre industry. As such we know that the actions we take here will be slow at first, and develop as time goes on.

  • We will work to showcase the benefits of our production management services to clients, venues, and producers.
  • We will work to find production managers who want to join in with trying to define and develop this new approach.
  • We will consistently assess the success of different approaches and not be afraid to try new ideas and discuss new approaches.


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