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lets get ready: making use of assets

Over the next couple of weeks we wanted to talk about how we here at eStage are getting ready for when we are free to go outside again. These are all the projects we never get the opportunity to do when we’re all busy, but now with more time than we know what to do with we wanted to share what we’ve been up to.

Here at eStage we have quite a few assets, from the usual production stuff like tools, to our digital assets like servers. While on a hiatus we have been looking at ways to make better use out of some of these. Whilst some of these are boring internal things, we wanted to share some of the things we’ve been doing with our servers.

our website server: supporting research

We, in fact, have five servers supporting our digital work (aptly named stage left, stage right, upstage, downstage, and most importantly, centre stage). Our centre stage server supports our internal things like our website, and over the break we have expanded it’s capability to better support work in the future.

However with this expanded capability comes some spare capacity. So in an effort to support the research for COVID-19, we have joined a Folding@home team setup by Creative Technology Group (CT Group) which uses our spare server processing power available for scientific research purposes.

CT Group, is a supplier of specialist Audio Visual equipment to the sports, corporate, exhibition and entertainment industries, have set up this group to help improve the pace of global Coronavirus research. 

Whilst we don’t have the biggest of servers, we’re all about how we can make things better together here at eStage, so we couldn’t really say no to doing our part.

Folding@Home is a distributed computing project for disease research, run by Stanford University. It creates the availability to repurpose unused processing capabilities on our server so that researchers from all over the world can use a network of CPU (Central Processing Unit) power in order to draw, calculate and analyse complex formulas. Having a network of this unused CPU power means that the calculations can be completed a lot faster by sharing the work-load across the servers. There’s a lot more information on the project (and a lot of scientific wording that we didn’t fully understand if we’re honest)

Creative Technology Group is urging all companies in the audiovisual sector to join this project by making their processing power also available for scientific purposes. Researchers are especially in need of more high-spec GPU’s to help, and all the GPU projects are devoted to potential drug targets for COVID-19 right now.

If you want to help to fight COVID-19 by joining this worldwide distributed supercomputer. You can download and install the software to your laptops, android devices, computers and website or media servers here. To join the collective effort, use the Creative Technology group number 240907 to contribute your capacity to their team. 

Joe Berry

With his technical knowledge, Joe works to identify and deliver new digital services that can support the theatre industry whilst helping to shape the direction and scope of eStage and its projects. As the primary contact for our digital projects, Joe continually develops websites with both new and existing clients.