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eStage launches Stage Data

Today eStage are proud to launch a brand new project, Stage Data, a new website dedicated to providing the theatre industry a one-stop shop for information. We have long struggled to get the information when we are planning shows, and we know you have too. So Stage Data aims to make things better for everyone.

Stage Data goes live with over 1500 venues and 63 educational institutions listed on its pages, with more to come soon. Behind the website is a team of eight pulled together by eStage, and managed through the our digital team. The goal of this team is that it continues to grow to represent the full industry, so if you are willing to give some time to support the management, maintenance and development of the database, please contact us.

We have big goals to make Stage Data the go to resource for the whole industry, to allow us all to have access to the most useful and up to date information about venues across the UK. If you are a programmer, a production manager, a designer, a producer, or anything else we hope you find something in this new site that helps you. And if you don’t – let us know!


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Stage Data App

You can download the Stage Data mobile app created by eStage.

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