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Lets Get Ready: Embracing the Change of Pace

Continuing on from our first post last week, we’ve been looking at how we are adapting to this bizarre period for our industry at the moment. Today it is the turn of our illustrious leader, Ian to give you an insight into how he’s embracing slowing down.


As eStage’s team captain, it seemed like a great idea for us to start a blog and tell everyone what we are doing, even if they didn’t ask for it. If nothing else, it at least keeps us motivated and ready for the day we are free to roam the streets again. What I did not contemplate, however, was that I no longer have the excuse of being too busy to do this myself, and so here I am putting my well-washed hands to an over sanitized keyboard.

Having been a freelance production manager for over ten years, I am finding it hard not to feel the inevitable guilt you feel when you’re not running around working like a lunatic. That constant voice in my head telling me that unless I’m working then I am being lazy. But as of two weeks ago (yes I had to check it was only TWO weeks too), our world changed dramatically; suddenly there were no shows to run between and no choice but to feel lazy.

If the truth be told the past two weeks have been an enforced rest. A break from constant emails, calls, and ever-growing job lists, all while the ever-looming threat of severe illness from a worldwide pandemic is just outside the front door. Safely locked inside I am feeling healthier and more relaxed than ever.

If I had to pick a silver lining to the dark corona cloud we are all currently living under then, it is to take the opportunity for some self-time before the long hard slog of rebuilding our industry and careers starts.

So far half my time has been spent on jobs I have wanted to do for the past two years. Slowly sorting, tidying, filing, cleaning and talking to my friends and colleagues I am usually too busy to spend time with (I’m pretty sure the only person I talk to less is Dan – a fact he’s probably not too upset by). The other half of my day I am devoting to the next two years. Developing all the new projects we have wanted to spend time on, for now, I will keep these under wraps, but maybe (if you’re lucky), I will tell you more as the weeks go on.

So try not to think about the end of the world, keep your head up high, your webcam on and get ready to come back stronger.

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