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Stage Data: Developing a New Standard

This week we launched stage data, a brand new project with the aim of providing a one-stop-shop for theatres across the UK to share information. This project is gradually developing to add new features over the coming weeks, months and years. We are excited to launch this new project and showcase how we here at eStage bring people together to build things that make everyone’s lives easier.

Today Ian goes into more depth about where this idea came from and how what we have planned.


Working in the theatre industry, I have often thought about how often we repeatedly enter and use the same information again and again when working on a production.

Touring productions, for example, move from venue to venue every couple of days or weeks. Each one is entirely different and yet somehow the same with its function, spaces, features, equipment and facilities.

When I started to production manage tours, I realised I was looking for the same information about venues, again and again, compiling lists of stage sizes and dressing room numbers to squeeze or stretch the show into each theatre.

So with the current industry situation and a significant increase in free time to develop ideas, I have convinced the eStage team to launch our latest project. To create a nationwide database of performance venues, we hope that in the future this will make searching, comparing and planning for professionals much faster and easier than ever.


I am delighted to share our first BETA version (1.2) of the new database system we have created. In this initial version, we are focusing our work and efforts into getting every performance space in the country listed no matter what size.

To achieve this we have done a number of things, we have created the core of our new system with venue listings and put together a team of admins from across the country to help develop, input and maintain the database.

We are now working towards connecting with people at each venue to claim and update their venue listing in the database. We are also working to start expanding the information we are able to collate and provide about each venue, including in management contact information and basic technical documentation about the venues.

This will give us a solid base to continue to develop the database and expand the information we are able to provide. We have a vision for the development of the system and how useful it could be in the future to people working in the industry on a daily basis. We hope to work with these people to shape this development and the system so will be looking for continuous feedback.


We are now dividing our efforts across the team focusing on Data Input, System Improvement and System Expansion. Each team will continue to develop the database improving the quality of the data, the functions available and the future of the system. We will be looking for more people to get involve and join the project as developers and admins in the coming weeks and we are working to launch “organisations” and “suppliers” into the database and link these with the venues and institutions already included.


We are aware of how big this undertaking is, and so we are also creating a network of admins across the country who will help to administer and develop the information and systems. If you are interested in joining this team get in contact with us and let us know how you can help us build Stage Data.


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