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COVID-19 guidance: working under stage four in Theatre.

All of our COVID-19 Guidance can now be found here.

Like many of you, we have been working hard to understand what is and isn’t possible in our new normal, and we have begun working with clients on finding out how we can make productions COVID-Secure. In order to help us doing this we have drafted guidance to help clients and other consider what will be required in order to deliver productions.

We know that each production is unique and therefore are happy to explore the individual needs with clients, however we hope this is a useful document to help people better understand the implications of running a COVID-secure production.

This document is based on the current guidance for Stage 4 in England. Wales states events are currently under consideration. In Scotland, drive-in events are currently the only events permitted, with outdoor live events with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted numbers are planned to be allowed from August 24th, and indoor events and events from September 14th. Northern Ireland currently follows the guidance issued in England.

The guidance is constantly changing and we will endeavour to ensure this document always reflects that. We also acknowledge that this is a risk mitigating process so there may be additional considerations to be made to ensure something can be assessed as COVID-Secure, always talk to us before your production to check it meets the government guidance.

If you have any questions, want to discuss this with us, or would like to download a copy please drop me an email.

Under current Tier 4 Guidance we have removed our guidance document until we have more clarity on the situation. Please contact us to discuss more.

Dan Gosselin

Dan is responsible for the development of eStage by leading business strategy and new service integration. Dan oversees the delivery of our projects whilst scoping new services these could lead to and working to deliver them with members and directors alike. As a production manager, he also supports Ian with the delivery of our production services.