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Lets Get Ready: Adapting to the New Normal

Hi! Welcome to the first post on our lovely new blog.

Like many people in our industry we have found ourselves in a weird limbo for the past week or so, and here’s just one of the things we’ve decided to do with our time – provide you with more ways to waste yours. Our new blog is aimed at sharing what the team has been doing with our friends and colleagues, Also to keep you updated on how we are developing eStage projects, and to let you engage with us on these.

We’re all clearly very busy at the moment emptying our diaries and sitting on hold to universal credit, but whilst we’re doing this we wanted to share how we’ve been coping with this sudden shift of pace, and hopefully, something we do will inspire you too.

We want to hear from you too, get in contact with us and chat about what you’re up to and if you have any top tips for freelancers stuck at home. Our first post is from Dan, who is weirdly pretending he didn’t just write that sentence too.


Like a lot of people in our industry last week, I  lost months of work in the course of about 48 hours. Whilst I think I have got over the initial shock, I’m still trying to deal with the ramifications. I had a bit of work closing down various shows, but since then it’s been all adjustment.

For me the thing has been to try and keep on going, as of this week I am scheduling my days – even if I am scheduling myself two hours of playing Prison Architect (there is something about designing other peoples isolation that just helps me get through) – just to have a bit more structure to my days. It helps to wake up with a bit of purpose, even if that is having Ian talk at me for two hours about improvements to our production management database, or for me to harp on at other people about development plans and schedules.

Another fun activity of my week has been applying for Universal Credit because apparently that’s how we are supposed to get some financial support in these times. Whilst all of us here are holding out on the government doing some more in the coming days, its good to get started. So far it has involved an online form, an overloaded identification service (digidenty seemed to work pretty well for me if people are struggling), and two hours holding on the phone to book an appointment to talk on the phone next week, it’s not been the easiest process. However, if you are thinking about it my only advice would be to keep trying – you do seem to get through eventually – you just have to try not to kill anyone you’re isolated with as a result of the soul-destroying hold music.

My final message would be to look after yourselves, talk to friends about how you’re feeling and find the best way for you to deal with all this free time and uncertainty. Start a blog (tick), play a game, read a book, write a journal, step away from social media, whatever works for you and remember If you need someone to chat to – we’re always here too.

What have you been doing to cope, let me know and get in contact, on social media, or email, and let’s have a chat.

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